Finally, moving into new house

March 9, 2007

It’s been quite sometime I do not update my blog.


Recently, I have been quite busy or should I say restless. Since last week, back from long holiday, my works have been accumulated for one week, indicating lots of pending works as well as loads of emails to clear n reply. During that particular weekend, I have moved to my new houseJ

Finally, I have moved to this new house, with my own single room. (yeah Yeah^^v) I can now decorate my own room as I like, and make it as cozy as it can be. Haha…Somemore, I got another 2 interesting housemates that always cheering me up…What a wonderful start^^

However, moving house was really tiring. We have to clean the house, mop the floor, arrange the things blah blah blah… The house was actually dusty as it had been emptied for some time. But, thank goodness I have 2 lovely and hardworking housemates (again, appreciate them much) who helped a lot in the cleaning, and of course can’t forget about him who helped a lot too.  It was him who help me to carry things from one place to another, and helped me put the mosquitoes netting (that is really helpful because I somehow attract mosquitoes. Don’t care to ask me why, they just like to attack meL) So, thanks to you for making my life easier, and you will have less complaints (of mosquitoes) from me.


For the following days after the moving, there are still a lot to tidy up. The kitchen is still a mess now. But I like the sofa that the house owner provided. It’s so comfortable to sit on.

After all the running around, searching for the ideal house, looking for houses from various places, dealing with some irritating people (during the finding process) and so on, we actually manage to find one house that suits most of our needs or requirements. This is quite a good experience in life. In life, learning how to deal with people and try to negotiate (and gain max benefits) and of course, learn something that can never be learnt in classes. I have a group of friends who are willing to help and willing to offer help. Thanks to all those who have assisted me during the finding process and also the cleaning up process.

So, now I have settled down in this new house, and next target is to study. Well, hopefully, I can study better in this quiet and comfortable environment:) (No more excuse not to study…><)



  1. ee…move into new house,din upload some photo to see see?hopefully i can find a comfortable house later too~

  2. 呵呵呵,搬家了哦,几时要请我去玩包三餐?:-p

  3. hey, where u staying now?? waiting for your welcoming party, hehe!!

  4. ying,
    来KL 时,过来坐坐。


    welcoming party? 行~我家还少了洗衣机,到来party时,记得一起送来哦~

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