Last 2 weekends….

April 24, 2007



It’s been quite some time I do not update my blog. Last 2 wkends….What can I say about them…hrmm…..quite “interesting” wkends I assume:P

last last wk….a bit blur and a bit forgetful. Always misplaced my things, but luckily, I managed to find them back after a while…..




last last wk……I finally made the decision. It seemed like I had relieved myself from pondering up and down, or letting the same question kept bothering my thoughts,over and over again. At last, the issue was resolved. When I made up my mind, I wont regret (and hope not to regret). This is a decision that I have made, and I have chose my own path.



Last wkend, we went to a place that we visited 9 months ago.. once again, we were there. Same place but with different kind of feeling, different group of ppl who went with me this time. This trip had been rescheduled for a few times as all of us were busy with our own jobs/studies. So, it was really nice to have such gathering and met with my X-housemates.



Last wk, it had been quite hectic. Never ending work loads and unexpected issues that need to be entertained, hardly had time to surf net or to blog….(sighhhhhhhh) Not sure whether I’m getting lousier, inefficient, or whether my work loads are getting more n more…… 


上个星期,在去巴士总站的途中,下了倾盆大雨,有撑伞犹如没撑般,还是变成半个落汤鸡,巴士延迟了半个小时,湿湿的,在巴士上摇啊摇,终于到达目的地。虽然,一路上,又冷又累,可是,一下车,又是一条好汉(不对不对,是淑女一个)。到达后,湿湿的长裤差不多干啦~看到超级市场, 什么累和冷都忘啦~血拼去~

Last wk, while on the way to the Pudu Bus Station…….The sky was dark and I was praying hard….please dun rain…please let me safely reach Pudu 1st ar……wah…but, seems like my praying wasnt good enough….it rained….n not those drizzling tiny little rain…Gosh…It was raining heavily. Even with an umbrella, my pants were 80% wet. Somemore, when I reached the station, the bus was delayed due to the rain. ….While I got on the bus, I was wet and cold. Luckily, I brought my sweater:) (how smart I was…and always are…wahahha) Anyhow, throughout the journey, it was so uncomfortable…soaking wet jeans and freaking cold air blowing at you. Nvm….I made it to the my destination. haha~I became alive again…when I saw the hypermarket…..hoho~




Last wk, I experienced how ppl chasing after a bus… Goodness….I bought a 3pm bus, but I reached the bus station at 310pm. So, it’s not hard to imagine, again, I prayed hard so that the bus would delay n I could make it. But, again, my prayer wasnt heard and the bus went off ON TIME. haha~another lucky thing was…I managed to hop on to the 315pm bus. I don’t even dare to think of…wat if there wasnt any bus with empty space, what if I dun have a seat…blah blah blah…Someone would surely laugh at me, at the same time, screwed me and lectured me….@@ Lucky me….there wont b a next time, I will b on time:P



Another new wk, starting a brand new day….work hard and play hard. The next wkend is awaiting…..wahahhaha~a long holiday is few days away…..



  1. 我还以为你已经回去月球了….

  2. 看来过得蛮充实嘛!这样才对啊,开开心心过每一天。。。加油吧!哈哈!

  3. Jen,

    Dun have internet at home n dun have chinese program in office…tat’s y seldom update d..:P


    Thanks thanks…:) u also “add oil” there…

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