Lousy LRT

May 31, 2007

Last Tuesday was quite a disastrous day. LRT was broke down again (I can’t remember how many times in 9 months, it had been down….).


We are all relying on the LRT either to work, to study or to attend appointments. However, the LRT was totally unreliable. Just as it pleased, it will strike, and all will suffer due to its so-called “TECHINAL PROBLEMS”. And, another interesting was it only get its technical problems during peak hours, and not other hours. Seems like the LRT also knows when to break down. What a service provided by our beloved Rapid KL.


People were all queuing up to get into the train. We were all as if squeezing inside the sardine can, without adequate of fresh air (coz the stupid air condition was somehow not functioning well & it was LEAKING water….)


We almost took more than half an hour to 45mins to reach our work place. Imagine those who need to go to the other end of the station. It was really a terrible day. One girl even fainted inside the LRT, poor girl.


If you want your passenger to pay for the ride, then make the thing more usable. A lot of people are relying on the LRT because there’s no other public transport – except taxi. But as you know how expensive is the taxi charged-some do not use meter, some use meter but with the terrible traffic here…(that’s another topic). Be more responsible & responsive to the passengers’ needs. Ensure your maintenance is made sufficient, so that we do not need to suffer because of your lousy services.



  1. Haha….come to HK….i love their MTR….efficient and at least the air cond is cold….so even though lotsa ppl…won’t feel like pening or wanna vomit….kekeke….LRT still has a long long way to go ler….lembab….:P

  2. haha~~~as usual, LRT is not reliable, but sadly….I still need to depend on it to go to work. So, even though dun like it, still gotta use it.>

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