June 1st wkend…

June 4, 2007

Last Friday, I travelled from KL back to Sban. Forgotten that 2nd June was a public holiday, I have to Q-up for an hour before I was able to get into a bus (1 hour already considered quite fast as compare with some other times). Anyhow, the road back to Sban was quite jammed, maybe everyone was getting out of the town and heading back to their hometown or go somewhere else for holiday? 

On the Sat morning, I took bus to MLK. The traffic wasnt very jammed, but still all vehicles were moving slow. Well, moving slow was better than not moving at all. It took me 1.5hours to reach MLK. I stopped at Jusco MLK, and had a quick shop around the Ground Floor. Oh…Sales……but too bad, there wasnt enough time for me to shop around coz my friend came to pick me up. We went to the Tzu Chi (慈濟) MLK for a food fair. There were really lots of people, so supportive for the charity sales in Tzu Chi. Though the weather was hot, and the sun was burning hot……people still flowing in and the dining hall was crowded with people. There were all kinds of food (of course, all vegetarian food) sold inside. Besides food, there were snacks, accessories, furnitures, electrical equipments, plants, etc available in this charity sales. We bought quite a lot of food…(hoho^^)….ice-kacang, jagung, rojak, soya drinks, etc….Yummy~~~~~~ 

After that, we planned to go for a movie at 3.50pm. So, we need to collect our tickets booked earlier around 3.05pm. However, due to unexpected (terribly jammed)traffic),  we did not make it for the booking. Too bad, I got to wait for another week to watch the movie. Nevermind, since there was no more movie, then I could shop:) Now was the sales season (school holiday sales), most things had price slashed. (Though some shops marked up the price and then said they have a 70% discounts..blah blah blah….) So, I had my purse “slashed” as well…..spent almost 100bucks to buy shirts, accessories, etc….really can’t resist the temptation..^.^ Felt satisfied after I bought all the things..


Dinner time, we went to a japanese restaurant run by a Japanese lady. It was quite a nice shop located near Mahkota Parade. At 1st, we did not manage to find that shop, we walked from street to street, still unable to find the shop mentioned by another friend. When we almost gave up and went for another restaurant for dinner…..Suddenly…..we saw the restaurant…just right opposite the bakery….”YAMATO” is the restaurant name. We were greeted warmly by the shopkeepers and the owner. The choices are limited, but the food served really delicious;) somemore, the price is actually comparitively cheap. One set meal only cost us RM10…..one bowl of rice, one Miso Soup, one main dish (fish/chicken/tempura) and 2pcs of watermelon. It was cheap, right? Where else to get such delicious and cheap Jap meal? yummy~~~~~~~~


On Sunday noon, after taking our “brunch”, we went to TEsco to shop for grocery. Nothing much to say about the shopping….Around 1245, went to the MLK Central (Bus Station). I took 1pm bus back to Sban…..And, ended my wkend activities……



  1. Wah…really hv lotsa activities ah during ur weekends…:)
    Hah? The jap food is sooo cheap? Sure or not? RM10???? That’s really really really CHEAP!!! Can’t believe it….the shop juz opened one ah? How can this be??? 😛
    Anwyay, wut movie u wanted to watch ler? Pirates of the Carribean ah? 🙂 I watched d….dun be jealous….hohohoh….but it’s quite long ah the movie….certain parts feel like wanna sleep….kekke…i was tired k….from moving house….hahahahaha……My next movie will be OCEAN 13….can’t wait….woo hoo!!! Becoming a movie freak d……:P

  2. haha~the shop is in MLK…when u come back to Msia, I bring u there ya~really 10bucks per meal ler…super cheap, right? somemore, got green tea provided (really Jap Green Tea..not the same as the sushi King or other Sushi restaurant 1 oh~)..

    Yup~~planned to watch Pirates’ movie…too bad cant watch during last wkend..haha~ooooo~~thought u said watching movie is quite exp there.?? hahahha!~

  3. Hehe…movie is expensive…but then that day when watch pirates of the carribean…the air cond switched off halfway (although i din notice oso ler…) so they give us one free ticket to watch another movie…nice rite….kekeke…then oso got hkd150 cash voucher to watch movie from the firm….happy…..hahahahah….so can watch lotsa movies…..kekeke…..

  4. wah……how come ur firm so nice give free voucher to watch movie??? hahahha~~really good service provided by the HK cinema ar….here ar…sometimes, half way dun have sound, din apologize also….free ticket? slowly wait lar…hehe~
    i wanna watch Pirates also….sob~sob~gotta wait till mayb next wk or later…>

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