Talking craps…

June 21, 2007

It’s raining heavily outside. Here I am…in my office, clearing up my work and at the same time blogging;) TOo bad my desktop here cant type chinese words:P

Quite a tiring week….BUT finally, tomorrow is FRIDAY.

Tat day, I was still wondering what am I going to do this wkend. Now, I know what I am going to do during this wkend. I will sleep as much as I can during this wkend as i really need lots of sleeps, recharge my battery….n coming back to work next wk:) [anyhow, I will still have my MONDAY BLUEssssss]

Work flows in min-to-min, and will never end, and yet life is so limited. I barely have any time for myself after I got back from work. My clothes are un-washed, my house is yet to be cleaned, n my stomach is rumbling at this moment. THought of going back earlier, so tat I can finish up my houseworks. hehe~But too bad….plans can rarely be executed as you wish.

I guess I have enough of craps here….Almost time to go home…..hopefully, the rain stops by now. SLeepy and hungry….r@bbit……


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