New Year Resolutions Ag@in:)

January 6, 2008

Well well….2008 means i’m a yr older (and a year wiser???haha~)
A fresh new start in 2008, so it’s time to make some new year resolutions (again….^^)

1. Wish to get a better pay & bonus this year…Last year I’m not eligible to receive the bonus, so sad & demotivating:(
2. Hope to get better body shape & remain fit throughout the year:) (So, stop eating junk food…)
3. Get to visit more places (which mean….I need to save more $$:P)
4. In order to get no.3 done, I need more $$…so, it goes back to No. 1:)
In short, I need to save > $$$. Oh god, please dun let my “shopping desire” overpower my rational thinking….
5. Get better opportunities
6. Make my place a better place, a safer place.

Can’t really think of any other resolution at this moment….It’s good enough if I can achieve 50% out of the 6. hehe~

Happy New Year to all, and may all your dreams come true…
2008, another year, another hope.



  1. what kind of opportunities you looking for? :-p

  2. haha~opportunities ar…in terms of career side:)

  3. Wa~all thinking bout money only ar….:)
    U changed ur blog layout d….haha…sorry ar long time din visit ur blog coz mostly chinese……anyway hope u can achieve ur new year resolutions…
    Happy Valentine’s Day….

  4. hihi senior………
    long time din c u..:)
    it’s been quite sometime since i last updated my blog also.
    Happy belated Chap Goh Mei to u 🙂

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