What have I done…

March 31, 2008

It has been 1.5 years here.
Yet, I feel like I have not achieved anything.

Why am I still here…I do not have the gut to leave.
What am I doing here…I do not achieve much here.
Have I made the wrong decision since the beginning?

If I can start it over again, will I still be here?
Past, you can’t change.
Future, you can’t predict.
So now, what should I do? To stay or to leave.
Arrgggg…..Magic Crystal Ball, tell me the answer…..*sienZzzz*



  1. take the courage to move on, no matter what decision that you’ll made. never look back!

  2. trying to move on…but then, sometime, dunno whether my move is correct or not…..=.=

  3. Yeah…should move on ar…..don’t get stuck…..sometimes we are afraid to move out of our comfort zone…but i think in life we just have to take some risks and challenges…..and u r still young….don’t get stuck doing something you don’t like to do…..

  4. currently considering some changes to be done.
    But then, there are still sth tat need to be completed b4 i move on:)
    miss u senior….

  5. 我已经做了大半年

  6. 哈哈~真的有那么混吗?

  7. 呵呵

  8. you r right…haha~
    princess of “hun” ar…haha~
    “hun” till the best =”hun” but ppl thought u r working hard..

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