really really blueeeee

August 11, 2008

What a day to start with…

Today, when I reached office, 1st thing 1st is to switch on my pc.
Yeah….surprise….I found out that my pc is somehow gone nuts…
Can on, but applications that I need to do my work cant be opened at all.
What the hell is happening? Did I do something with it last friday?
Hrmm….what happened????arrrrggggg…….
Life without pc, miserable.

haha~are we too dependent on pc on everyday life?



  1. yes we did.
    is it a good excuse and chance for you to escape work today? hahaha…

  2. aiks~not really…work still need to be done…and due date is jz around the corner…:(

    HOpe the IT ppl comes n fix my pc today….

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