March 21, 2009

Today, we finally got a chance to visit to Tenji Restaurant at Solaris Mont Kiara. We have already waited for the whole week to taste this “legandary” jap buffet in town.

The promo pamplet was attractive…..let’s see…

Tenji Promotion (Before)

Tenji Promotion (Before)

wohooo….such a nice deal….and we decided to choose for the supper buffet.

I guess we were all too excited, paid n went in to hunt for food….

round n rounds of food intake…i’m really bloated…(with coconut water). WAIT….tat’s something not right here…Why am I paying RM106.20 for 2 person. The promo price should be only RM39.90+15% tax.

SURPRISE!!!!ta—da—–>check this out…..



We’re actually paying RM17.60+RM8.80 for the tax.
So, do your maths here….
2 person = RM 39.90 x 2 = 79.80
tax amount = RM 26.40
total payable amount = RM 106.20

By this calculation, we can conclude that we’re paying around 33% of tax (26.4/79.80).
OMG!!since when Malaysia imposes such high tax rate on sales & service?

Cannot be…must be some errors in the bill….

And so….we went to ask the cashier…..
C=cashier, M=me

M: How do you all derive the tax amount? It seems not right….
C: (In quite an inpatient manner) you’re not the 1st to ask…in fact, you’re the 15th customer to ask on this….This is wat we charge…this is the tax amt we’re charging.
M: Oh my…shouldn’t the tax amt based on the price(39.90)??
C: No no no….we’re based on the original price…
M: then your co is declaring the original price (RM88.00) to IRB??
C: yeah…we’re declaring the original price to the tax dept.

ok…since u said so….wat can we do? (somemore, we already consumed the food anyway…so, jz walked out).

But…some questions keep bugging me…
1. does it make sense if the co declaring the original price instead of the selling price (promo price) to the IRB? Such a nice co…so supportive to Malaysia Government…They should be rewarded as model company…..

2. Why should we pay the tax amount on the ORIGINAL price instead of the invoice price?

This is the new promo template from Tenji’s Blog Site…

TENJI NEW promo template....

TENJI NEW promo template....

come, spot the differences….2 different spots….





Think before you eat….or rather…READ CAREFULLY before you enter……sometimes, you’ll never know…they can add in ANY T&C anytime..(as stated in their NEW template….change/end the promo without prior notice)…ASK n UNDERSTAND the T&C clearly before you decide whether or not to dine in….

this is the 1st time I have been there…and probably the LAST….
it’s not because of tat few ringgit…it’s about the principle…..why such HIGH tax rate is imposed on the normal food n beverage….

Referring to Sales Tax Act 1972 (Act 64), Section 17. Invoices
(1) Every taxable person who sells any taxable goods shall issue an invoice in the national language or in English to the purchaser in respect of the transaction, and shall state thereon the amount of sales tax payable separately to the prices for which the goods are sold as well as the quantities of goods sold.

Maybe someone should advice on this matter…



  1. suit them!!

  2. hhahahha
    rabbit, i think u are 1st time to go this kind of 50% promotion.. therefore u r shock by their tax calculation…
    but if you have been any promotion in the town, there are all count in this method! Include jogoya, tenji, yaki-yaki, daidomon…

  3. share some pic n food comments ma 😛

  4. din take pic tat day…haha~food comments ar…hrmm….the food is ok ok…almost sushi king std lor…haha~

  5. wa.. sushi king std isn’t so good wow
    after got sakae and zanmai i seldom go sushi king jo
    then i think not worth to pay RM100+ for sushi king std.. hahaa.. else in sakae i spend 60-70+ two ppl eat more than enuff jo!

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