life with public transport…

July 28, 2010

Last time, I used to board the Seremban bus at Pasar Seni. This involved only LRT (Kelana Jaya Line).
Now, the whole bus operation has moved to Hang Tuah Station.

It’s much complicated now.
You have few options…you may take LRT (Kelana Jaya Line) to KL Central. Then, walk some distances to the KL Monorail.
From there, you take Monorail to Hang Tuah. If everything going on smoothly, it will take about 20-30minutes. Well, if you aren’t that lucky, it may take up to 30-45minutes, or even longer time.

From my work place to KL Central, it costs RM1.60.
And from KL Central Monorail to Hang Tuah, it costs RM1.60.
Instead of just RM1.60 to Pasar Seni, now I have to incur another RM 1.60.
It will be really jammed around Hang Tuah area, passed by the Pudu Station.Therefore, Both, time and money, are wasted.

Another alternative, from my work place to Masjid Jamek RM1.60.
And from Masjid Jamek to Hang Tuah RM1.20.
It may seem a little bit cheaper. BUT, the queue is really terrible.
There is no ticket machine around Masjid Jamek (Ampang Line). [How can there be NO ticket machine????]
And, there are limited counters with unlimited passangers.
Either you have Touch n’Go or you just have to queue.
From Hang Tuah (Ampang Line), you need to walk further down (not too far), and cross the busy road with the over-head bridge.
It will be super inconvenient when you are carrying luggage/bags.
So, I would prefer the Monorail way.

Anyhow, either route has already caused too much trouble to reach the bus station. Meanwhile, during someday, someone asked me, why don’t you take the KTM back to Seremban?

Haha~you must be kidding me.
[4 or 5 weeks ago…I thought MAYBE the service has been improved, and I could give it a try. And, it turned out as a nightmare.]

This someone should go and try the KTM during the after-work hours.
It will be an unforgetable “GOOD” experience – to experience the sardine-in-a-can type of feel.
It’s HOT, uncomfortable and stuffy.
You can hardly breath and it’s better than sauna which you can sweat like hell. Even better, when you’re carrying luggages, it’ll be a challenge.
You need to possess some skills to balance yourself in a shaky moving train, with LIMITED places and no where to hold-on. The brilliant internal design of the train makes me wonder do those designers ever take train at all?

Don’t get me to start with the punctuality for the KTM.
Forget about the time shows at the platform, it’s merely some sort of digital decorative device.
The train will never appear on time, seriously, NEVER.
If you are in a rush, with no other means of transport, just pray hard that it will not delay too long.
To be safe, be there as early as possible. Don’t take things for granted.
From KL Central to Seremban, it will cost RM6.00, around 1.5 hours.

Conclusions –
Things are getting complicated nowadays.
Lost of time and money.
Higher demand but same quantity and quality (or even less quantity and quality) = FRUSTRATION

One thing for sure, the public transport has much room to improve.
However, I doubt when will the room be filled up with improvements. 10 years? 20 years?

My Solutions?
No other way but to continue to use public transport (unless car-pool with friends sometimes).
Why? I cannot afford to own a car (and with my lousy driving skill, for the sake of other road users, not to drive).
So, even though the public transport is lousy, sadly but true, I’m still depend much on it.

This is my life, with the public transports.
Sad sad also need to live with it.


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