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没完没了 之余

October 23, 2010







My September

October 3, 2010

September had been an eventful month for me with good and bad things.
Long leave with some travelling – cuti cuti Malaysia, followed by sickness…:P

The story began….with forced leave by our company. Since we’re 1Malaysia, we all gonna on leave & celebrate raya.
From 9/9/10 till 19/9/10 = 11 days off. (forced leave = 4 days)
Long holiday without long vacation plan, which was rare. So, first few days, I had been resting at home.
It was such a precious moment and felt like heavan & tasted much like long-time-ago semester break.
Peace of mind with no phone call from office (since everyone was on leave).
I slept late, and woke up late…(nothing to be proud of) but I enjoyed it so much…..

On Sunday, we had family trip to Melaka – 2D1N trip.
We stayed in Hallmark Hotel, which located quite strategically, around 5-10min walk to Jonker.
All things were good except for the breakfast provided..
It was really really bad, and seriously you wont want to eat them.
Melaka is a good place to shop and of course eat:)
We had nyonya laksa, rojak, mee siam, cendol, ABC, dim-sum and other food.
And I had finally bought the kebaya:) fruitful trip indeed……

Tuesday & Wednesday rested at home, and Thursday continued my 2nd trip – Ipoh and Penang…
Main objective – attend wedding dinner.
Secondary objective – eat eat eat
Actually, there wasn’t much time for us to eat around. Still, we had tried few Ipoh delicacies.
Overall, the food tasted as expected, 2 thumbs up~~~
Too bad we had limited time with limited space (stomach couldn’t fit in anymore).

One night in Ipoh and we moved north to Penang.
We reached Penang around 2pm, and went round to search for our hotel.
Took for granted it was sooooo easy to find, and ended up went round the city to look for the hotel.
Luckily, we still managed to locate our hotel:)

Tunes Hotel – 5 star bed at 1 star price.
Yes…’s true.
The bed was really soft and nice.but don’t expect anything fancy there.
We had learned a lesson there…no free lunch….everything came with a price.
Air-condition, hair-dryer, entertainment (tv), towels, early check-in or late check out, etc.

Friday evening, we went to the wedding dinner at Cititel Penang.
It was one of the best wedding meals I had tasted.
Crazy friends and entertaining singers, an enjoyable evening.

On Saturday morning, we ate dim sum for breakfast. Then went to Kek Lok Si to walk walk, and on the way down, we had our asam laksa.

Not much time for us to taste all the famous Penang food, we’ll keep others for next trip.

Around 145pm, we left Penang…We’ll be back……

Stopped by Ipoh again to pick up our salted chickens to bring back to Seremban.
We at 1st wanted to drink some white coffee before continue our way home.
Too bad, the time was bit odd, and lot of the shops had closed.
In the end, we went to Onn Kei for Hor Fun + Bean Sprouts Chicken.
Yummy~~~juicy chicken + tasty bean sprouts…..

Finally, we gonna go home.
Tired (especially kcy…..) but satisfied^^
We had our missions accomplished with no regret.
And so, we went back to Seremban……and started to fall sick after back from the trip.

Sunday evening, another wedding dinner @ Nilai.

Next weekend, went to Singapore to visit kcy……
It was a lazy weekend. Went normal grocery shopping and played masak-masak (cooking) at home.

End of September.

This weekend, starting of Oct….Nothing much.
Back home – normal routine – eat, sleep, eat, go out walk walk, eat again, nap nap, eat, sleep.