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猫城之旅 – 古晋 Kuching Trip Day 1

February 5, 2011

My kuching trip was my 1st vacation in 2011.
Well, we had managed to book the AirAsia free tickets during sometime back and the tickets were dirt cheap:P
To-and-fro (and luggage for one way) for only RM60 (2 pax).
So, grab the free tickets whenever you manage to, and it will really save you a bundle of $$$.

Since there were 4 of us, we decided to rent a car (wira 1.5, manual).
The best offer we managed to get was RM100 per day (min 3 days rental).
By the way, the public transport in Kuching is simply hopeless.
Even at the tourism board’s counter, the brouchure already printed the bus service in Kuching is much unreliable and inconsistent. So, don’t bother wait for the bus. It’s more feasible to go around the town/off-town with a car.

1st destination = lunch @ Mdm Tang’s.
In KL, you have Madam Kwan’s. Here, in Sarawak, they have Madam Tang’s.
Not to miss some local delicacies like Sarawak Laksa, Kolo Mee, and etc. which are highly recommended by everyone. Yummy~and satisfying (partly because we were so hungry that time)

Kolo Mee

Sarawak Laksa

It was near to 2pm. Time to check-in to our hotel. We had booked 360 Xpress Hotel with only RM96 per night per room. Quite a nice bargain. A little bit of problems while checking-in….I wasnt sure whether their system confused our bookings with others, or they had over-booked their rooms. Well, not my problem. I just want my room to be ready. That’s all. Finally, we managed to get our rooms and moved on to next destination.

Next destination = Sarawak Museum.
Well, you will not find the exact words “Sarawak Museum”. If u see the signboard “Jabatan Muzium Sarawak”, which means you are there. So, no worries. We were kinda lost during that time. So, we decided to ask the staff at the Dewan Tun Abdul Razak (part of the Jabatan Muzium Sarawak). This friendly fella told us,”Hei…you are here dah~Here is the Sarawak Museum. There are old and new wings, neh…the bridge there, can go over to old wing…. blah blah blah……”.

Most of the tourist attractions close quite early in Kuching. So, if it’s stated 430pm, then around 415pm probably they will be prepared to close. So, make sure you reach the place at least 45 minutes before the closure time. Else, the staffs will tell you….”see ya tomorrow…..”.But one thing that’s good about Kuching’s museums/tourist attractions….THEY ARE FREE…..these days, where can you find so much of free tourist spots? So, take a visit to these places,since they are all free…

We only managed to go into the new exhibition hall (quite interesting walk) and old wing (surprisingly, it amazed me….though the maintenance is bit…hrm…..who cares? it’s free, so don’t complaint).
Later, still raining, we took pictures outside the museums.

Next next destination = Tua Pek Gong Temple.
With the help of GPS, we managed to find it. It’s situated in the middle of the town.
Rainy day…and it was a wet wet day. Quite difficult for us to take picture/walk around.
Nothing much could be done, just walked around the temple, took some pictures, and went to Indian Street.
And again, most of the shops already closed. It was merely 6pm.
Not much shops left open. It was so quiet on the street. oh…..sienZzzzz
How to shop ar??? So, please be reminded to be there before 5pm. Later than that, try your luck~
Nevertheless, even with most shops closed, yet we still can shop.

Tua Pek Gong Temple

Hungry……time for dinner…..
We had our seafood dinner @ TopSpot. A famous place to have seafood dishes.
Our delicious meal – Sambal Belacan Midin, Fried Sotong, Crabs, Teoh Chew Steamed Fish, Garlic Butter Prawn & Curry Bamboo Shell (not sure if I named it correctly). Basically, we ordered 6 dishes, and tasted very very nice oh~~~~~~~Total spending was approximately RM 117.00.
The name of this superb restaurant = Ling Loong Seafood~~~~~YUMMY~~~~~~^^

Seafood Dinner

After dinner, time to get some rest….it had been a long day~
We went back to hotel, and prepared for the 2nd day~

*end of 1st day*